6 Best Pieces of Home Insurance Claims Advice

Feb 29, 2024 | Personal Insurance

Accidents happen — it’s just a fact of life. That’s why insurance exists, after all. When something unexpected happens and causes damage to your home, filing a home insurance claim is the first step toward recovery. Still, whether you’re a first-time policyholder or a long-time homeowner, dealing with the claims process can be challenging.

Looking for Advice?

Daunting though it may be, navigating the claims process is very doable and well worth the effort. All it takes is a bit of guidance. To set you up with some confidence, here are six bits of home insurance claims advice that will probably prove useful for you.

1. Whatever It Is, Report It Fast

As far as your insurance provider is concerned, sooner is better. Reporting damage should be the first thing you do when damage is done, aside from any emergency procedures for preventing further damage. (We’ll get to that.) 

Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe or a burnt-up kitchen, quick reporting gives you the best chance at a full payout by getting the claims process into action early.

2. Document Everything

And we mean everything. Comprehensive documentation is the backbone of your claim. Take photographs of all relevant evidence, write up a complete inventory of every lost or damaged item, and start collecting important information. If police reports are a part of it, get those documented. 

If you have someone in mind for repairs, ask for cost estimates. All of this will be vital in the long run.

3. Understand Your Policy

They say knowledge is power, and that’s especially true when it comes to your insurance coverage. It’s vitally important that you understand your home insurance policy inside and out — and yes, it might be a bit complicated. Still, knowing your coverage limits, your deductibles, and your potential exclusions gives you legs to stand on when asking your provider for a payout. Talk to us about your coverage to have a better understanding. 

4. Communicate Every Detail Clearly

Effective communication means clarity on all fronts. So, when it comes time to lay out the information for your provider, make sure you bring everything to the table. Articulate every detail of the incident with all the accuracy you can. 

If your adjuster has questions or requests, try to follow up as immediately as you can. Keeping things transparent is virtually always your best bet.

5. Mitigate Any Further Damage

If there’s any one thing you should do before getting in touch with your provider, it’s to take whatever steps you can to stop the damage in its tracks. There are some instances where failure to act may result in the damage worsening, which neither you nor your provider will be all too happy about. Whether it’s boarding up a window or tarping over a damaged roof, it’s typically best to do it as soon as possible. It may even be a requirement outlined in your policy.

6. Consider Professional Assistance

Depending on the complexity of your claim, you may want to seek out some professional home insurance claims advice. For example, a public adjuster might be able to help negotiate with an insurer on your behalf to ensure a settlement you’re happy with. If the damage is severe enough, it may well be worth whatever investment goes into professional help.

All the Home Insurance Claims Advice You Could Need

While nobody wants to have to file an insurance claim, it’s a necessary challenge that can be made easier with a few simple guidelines. We hope these nuggets of wisdom will help you take your next steps with confidence. And, if you’re seeking a bit of extra advice for understanding home insurance policies, the team at Eber & Associates is always here to help.

Knowing your coverage upfront is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. That’s why Eber & Associates works tirelessly to get individuals like you the best possible deals for their unique insurance needs.

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of home insurance, review your policy, and offer the tailored advice you need. When you’ve found your perfect policy, you’ll know you’re covered for any need before you ever have to file a claim. 
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