Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Including long-term care insurance as a benefit for your employees can play a crucial role in your overall plan to attract and keep top-notch talent, manage expenses, and boost employee efficiency.

Consider Your Options

Eber & Associates specializes in creating personalized long-term care plans tailored specifically to your business. There is a bit of variation among long-term care insurance policies in terms of the types of care they cover and the process that triggers the start of payouts.

Support Your Staff Long-Term

Keep your employees engaged and motivated by offering them a comprehensive benefits package. Relying solely on retirement savings plans and healthcare coverage might exclude offers of the same level of certainty and security as before. Purchasing or partially funding long-term care insurance companies can greatly enhance your business’s employee benefits package, making it more appealing to potential recruits and increasing employee retention.

Bridging the Gap Between Health Insurance Coverages

Health insurance is great for covering medical expenses; however, at times, it may be unable to take care of all the other costs that people may have to deal with if they develop degenerative conditions or find it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Long-term care insurance companies are specifically created to provide coverage for various services, including:

Home Care

This can provide individuals the opportunity to receive the assistance necessary for them to remain at home. This can include transportation, home health care, meal delivery, homemaker services, and more.


Long-term care benefits can help with activities of daily living, also known as ADLs, such as dressing, bathing, transportation, and toileting, all provided by professional caregivers.

Nursing Homes

Depending on the circumstances, 24/7 care may be necessary for intensive ADLs. Patients can be supported by healthcare professionals who are qualified to handle various medical conditions or disabilities.

Respite Care

Respite assists caregivers, allowing them to take necessary breaks or in the case of emergency absences.

Trust the Experts

At Eber & Associates, we’ll help you explore all your options to discover a suitable plan that aligns with your budget and provides sufficient coverage for your employees.

Our team of experts is here to assist you in deciding whether including long-term care insurance in your business’s employee benefits package is essential.

Give us a call or request a quote today! Eber & Associates is happy to cover your business through life for life.

Custom Insurance the Smart Way

When it comes to custom insurance solutions, you need a team you can trust to help you find the perfect fit. Let Eber & Associates guide you to a more secure tomorrow with the care, coverage, and confidence you deserve.