Industry Insurance

Industry Specialty Insurance

Every business has unique insurance requirements.

Eber & Associates will carefully evaluate your business and circumstances in order to create all-encompassing, budget-friendly solutions that are customized to your business’s specific needs.

Eber & Associates Understands Your Industry

Other Industries Partnered with Eber & Associates

Eber & Associates also serves clients with insurance policies, including:

Construction Trades
Transportation & Distribution
Repairs & Manufacturing
Hospitality & Residential

Construction Trades

  • Arborist & Tree Service Insurance
  • Carpenter Insurance
  • Concrete Contractor Insurance
  • Contractor Insurance
  • Drywall Construction Insurance
  • Electrical Contractor Insurance
  • Equipment Rental Insurance
  • Excavation Contractor Insurance
  • Flooring Contractor Insurance
  • HVAC Insurance
  • Landscaping Services Insurance
  • Masonry Contractor Insurance
  • Mechanical Contractor Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractor Insurance


  • Distillery Insurance
  • Fitness Center Insurance
  • Gas Station Insurance
  • Grocery Store Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Insurance
  • Retail Business Insurance
  • Winery Insurance


  • Fire Department Insurance
  • Funeral Home Insurance
  • Janitorial Services Insurance
  • Medical Office Insurance
  • Non-Profit Insurance
  • Real Estate Investor Insurance
  • Veterinary Insurance

Transportation & Distribution

  • Fleet Insurance
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Wholesaler and Distribution Insurance

Repairs & Manufacturing

  • Garage Repair Shop Insurance
  • Machine Shop Insurance
  • Manufacturer Insurance

Hospitality & Residential

  • Condo Building Insurance
  • Hospitality Insurance

Eber & Associates and Your Specialty Insurance

Eber & Associates is ready to provide the best coverage and stay within your budget for any industry.

Get started today by contacting us or submitting a request form. Eber & Associates is here to cover you through life, for life.

Custom Insurance the Smart Way

When it comes to custom insurance solutions, you need a team you can trust to help you find the perfect fit. Let Eber & Associates guide you to a more secure tomorrow with the care, coverage, and confidence you deserve.