Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

When running a business, you need to be prepared for potential risks.

Eber & Associates can help you protect your company and secure its future through the implementation of commercial umbrella insurance.

Is Commercial Umbrella Insurance Affordable?

Investing in your business can take many forms, one of which is finding the right insurance coverage. This can be a smart way to protect both your business and your pockets.

If you are in the market for extra coverage for your business, we have great news for you. Commercial umbrella insurance is usually more affordable than you might think because the likelihood of needing to use it is relatively low.

Why Invest in Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Extra Protection

Commercial umbrella insurance provides extra coverage for your business by complementing your current insurance policies — giving you an added layer of protection.

Extra protection can benefit your business from the potential risk that exceeds the limits of your current policies, whether your company is large or small. Our team helps you identify the ideal umbrella solution that prepares you for the future.

Extra Coverage

What does commercial umbrella insurance look like? Here’s a real-life example of how commercial umbrella insurance works:

Suppose your business has a liability insurance policy of $500,000, and you are liable to pay damages of $700,000. A commercial umbrella policy would pay the remaining $200,000 beyond the limit of your liability coverage.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Has Your Back

Commercial umbrella insurance takes your coverage to the next level. If the unexpected happens, this additional layer of protection comes into play. The moment you exceed your payment threshold, your umbrella policy activates.

Most commercial liability or property policies have a payout limit, so any expenses exceeding the maximum are the responsibility of your business. The commercial umbrella policy covers any costs beyond the limit.

Eber & Associates: Your Insurance Umbrella

Eber & Associates has been serving Pennsylvania communities since 2001. We want you to feel secure in your insurance investments.

Commercial umbrella insurance can be an excellent option if you’re looking to safeguard your assets. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you find just the right plan for your business.

Custom Insurance the Smart Way

When it comes to custom insurance solutions, you need a team you can trust to help you find the perfect fit. Let Eber & Associates guide you to a more secure tomorrow with the care, coverage, and confidence you deserve.