A Guide to Finding the Best Umbrella Insurance

Dec 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

Only 20% of people reportedly use umbrella insurance. Yet 100% of individuals wish they had it when their insurance coverage runs out. 

Investing in the best umbrella insurance for your unique circumstances provides peace of mind before, during, and after an emergency — and keeps you fully protected against potentially major financial losses.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work? 

This type of policy includes benefits that act as an extension of your other policies, such as home, auto, and boat insurance. Umbrella insurance provides coverage explicitly made for personal protection and businesses, including retailers, restaurants, and more. 

An Example 

Let’s say you were out for a drive and slid off the road due to black ice. In the process, you hit another car with two people inside that receive extensive injuries. Those medical liability costs are $400,000 — but your insurance auto insurance only covers $300,000 in liability. 

When you have an umbrella insurance policy in place, your primary auto liability insurance covers the $300,000, and your umbrella policy handles the remaining $100,000 of liability cost. 

How Expensive Is the Best Umbrella Insurance? 

People are often surprised when they see how affordable umbrella insurance can be. Costs may vary depending on different factors such as: 

  • Driving record 
  • Age 
  • Amount of requested coverage
  • Underlying exposures (number of vehicles, homes, and other assets wrapped under your umbrella.)

Perfect for the Worst-Case Scenario 

While umbrella insurance is optional, being prepared for a rainy day is better than getting drenched by an unexpected storm. 

This form of insurance creates opportunities for relief due to its diverse offerings for liability coverage. Regardless of the scenario, being able to apply extra funding to bills, whether medical or legal, helps protect your assets and your future.

Investing in the Right Insurance Partner 

Whether you’re new to the insurance world or have had negative experiences with other carriers, finding an experienced insurance partner is essential for long-term success. You want to partner with someone who understands your needs and doesn’t try to sell you coverage you don’t need.

With more than 20 years of experience securing insurance policies for a variety of industries, the Eber team is equipped to handle your needs with the utmost care and walk you through each one so you can understand exactly what you’re paying for. 

We welcome you to come and speak to an agent in person or over the phone at one of our Pennsylvania offices or, if you prefer, contact us online or through your mobile device. Our support is always available whenever you need it. 

The Best Umbrella Insurance From Eber & Associates 

Insurance is necessary to support you through the unexpected, and umbrella insurance takes that a step further. If you’re looking for extra protection for your personal assets, Eber & Associates is ready to provide the best policies available without breaking your budget. In a world where accidents happen, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 
Ask your agent today about which of your current policies could be enhanced with umbrella insurance. Eber & Associates is the insurance team that covers you through life for life.