Commercial Flood

Commercial Flood Insurance

Did you know that around 25 percent of businesses affected by devastating events like floods end up closing their doors instead of reopening?

Eber & Associates can create a comprehensive commercial flood insurance policy that safeguards your business, its physical belongings, and valuable assets against the financial burden caused by flood damage.

Is Your Business Flood Proofed?

Many business owners are unaware that their commercial property insurance may not cover flooding incidents. Recovering from a flood goes beyond the task of replacing damaged equipment and repairing buildings.

It also requires a significant amount of time, rendering the facilities unusable for extended periods.

Benefits Non-NFIP Policies

It’s helpful to know the difference between flood insurance provided by the federal National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and commercial flood insurance coverage from non-NFIP policies. Non-NFIP policies offer two significant benefits:

Total Replacement Costs

First, they have the advantage of providing total replacement costs, unlike NFIP policies which consider depreciation when making payments. Non-NFIP policies can cover the entire cost of replacing damaged property.

Loss of Business Costs

Secondly, these policies can also include coverage for loss of business during the rebuilding phase, which is excluded from NFIP. In addition to property coverage, non-NFIP policies can provide financial protection for businesses that experience a loss of income while rebuilding.

Things to Consider When Choosing Commercial Flood Insurance

Sometimes, flood insurance policies have delayed start times and only go into effect after a 30-day waiting period. Taking a proactive approach with the proper commercial flood insurance is a wise safeguard for your business.

When selecting commercial flood insurance for your business, Eber & Associates is here to make sure you have all the information necessary to create the best policy for your business.

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