Commercial General Liability Insurance Essentials

Dec 28, 2023 | Business Insurance

Heading into 2024, America has an estimated 33 million small businesses across the country that employ 46% of the private sector. Most of these businesses should be carrying some form of liability insurance to safeguard their investments and assets from the unexpected. 

As a business owner, finding the right insurance policy that protects your assets, customers, and staff is essential for long-term success, regardless of the size of your organization. Choosing the best coverage requires the right insurance partner and an understanding of what to look for in your policy. 

Here are a few things to consider when you invest in general commercial insurance.

5 Things Commercial General Liability Insurance Covers

Your industry influences the specific challenges you face throughout the year. General liability coverage relieves the stress of the random accidents that happen at your business. With guidance from your insurance provider, you’ll want to secure a new policy that may cover any of the following: 

Property Damage

With the number of distractions that drivers face, accidents sometimes happen in your business parking lot. In case your employee causes damage to a customer’s vehicle, your policy helps with repairs. 

Advertising Harm 

Let’s say an ad you ran on social media was misleading to a customer, and they ended up injured due to the product. Commercial general liability insurance can cover some of the medical expenses. 

Bodily Injury 

One of the most common bodily injuries that occur in the workplace are slips and falls. Protect your employees and customers from worst-case scenarios with the right coverage. 

Product Liability 

Rather than spending excess funds on legal fees due to product deficiencies, safeguard your business from unforeseen complications associated with your product or services with a liability policy. 

Personal Injury 

Instead of only having protection for physical injuries, this form of coverage also protects your business from things such as invasion of privacy, slander, and libel. 

What Kinds of Businesses Need General Liability Insurance?

While there are some specific types of policies that each industry may require, accidents happen everywhere. Some of the most common organizations that use commercial general liability insurance include: 

Physical Fitness 

When people come to work out and try new wellness classes, risk is always a concern. Whether it’s slips, trips, falls, or improper form, injuries may happen. Gyms with liability coverage worry less about potential medical costs and legal fees and enjoy promoting fitness in the community.

Construction Firms 

Companies in construction experience exposure to various risks nearly every day. Instead of paying out of pocket for bodily injury or property damages, their general liability policy can take away the financial pressure of medical or repair costs. 

Retail and Hospitality 

From supermarkets to restaurants and hotels, having coverage for the unexpected allows businesses to run smoothly year-round, especially during busy periods. 

Eber & Associates: Commercial General Liability Insurance 

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