How Much Is ATV Insurance?

Mar 22, 2024 | Personal Insurance

Owning an ATV can unlock miles of off-road adventures, allowing you to zip up trails and discover incredible vistas. ATVs can also be great workhorses on your property, helping you tackle chores and haul material with less stress. As with any vehicle, though, ATV ownership comes with risk. The right insurance can protect you and your ATV, no matter where your adventures (or chore list) take you. 

But how much does that peace of mind cost you? Learn more about how much ATV insurance may cost, when it is required, and how you could save money on your monthly premiums.

How Does ATV Insurance Work? 

ATV insurance works a lot like motorcycle insurance. Your insurance will help protect you and your vehicle if you are in an accident or your ATV is stolen or damaged. Like other auto insurance policies, you can choose basic or comprehensive coverage. Basic or liability coverage will cover injuries or property damage you cause in an ATV accident. Comprehensive coverage adds protection to your ATV, repairing or replacing it after theft, fire, damage, or an accident. 

Is ATV Insurance Required?

In most cases, you should have an insurance policy on your ATV. Most states don’t legally require you to have ATV insurance when riding on your own property. However, many states (including Pennsylvania) require you to carry insurance when riding on someone else’s property. At a minimum, you’ll need liability coverage on your ATV and should carry proof of insurance when you ride. 

How Much Is ATV Insurance?

ATV insurance generally costs less than car or motorcycle insurance because most people don’t ride their ATVs every day. They also usually ride them in relatively secluded locations, which reduces the risk of an accident. You can expect basic ATV insurance to cost between $50 and $125 per month, while a comprehensive policy costs between $300 and $500. 

Several factors play a role in determining how much you’ll pay each month, including: 

  • Age — Younger riders will pay more than older, more experienced drivers. 
  • Driving record — If you already have a few accidents on your record, you’ll pay more, even if they weren’t on an ATV. 
  • Location — Your zip code could affect your monthly premium, as some areas have higher accident rates or risk of theft. 
  • Coverage options — Comprehensive coverage is more expensive than liability coverage, but you can add coverage options that could raise your premiums. 
  • Vehicle — Newer, more expensive ATVs will cost more to insure because they cost more to repair and replace. 

Your insurance policy is there to protect you, but it needs to offer the right coverage at the right price. An insurance agent can help you determine which policies provide the right balance for your off-roading needs. 

Are There Discounts for ATV Insurance?

There are several ways you could save on your ATV insurance. Insurance carriers will offer various discounts, which could include: 

  • Multi-policy discounts — Bundle your ATV insurance with other policies, such as your home, primary vehicle, or motorcycle insurance, and save on your monthly premiums. 
  • Good driver discounts — You may qualify for this discount if you have a clean driving record of a year or more with no history of accidents or claims on your current coverage. 
  • Low-mileage discounts — This discount is available to ATV owners who only use their vehicles occasionally or seasonally.
  • Riding association membership discounts — Belonging to a recognized ATV riding association may unlock discounts with certain insurance companies. 
  • Safety course completion discounts — Participating in an approved safe driving course for ATV riders shows you are serious about staying safe and are less of a risk to insure.

Eber & Associates Can Help You Find the Right ATV Insurance

ATVs come in all shapes and sizes, and your insurance coverage should, too. Eber & Associates works with off-road vehicle owners to help them find the right coverage at the right price. Our experienced insurance team will help you protect your investment so you can keep exploring, no matter where the trail takes you. 
Get a free quote from Eber & Associates on the cost of your ATV insurance today.