How to Choose Car Insurance in Pittsburgh for Teen Drivers

Apr 4, 2024 | Personal Insurance

It can be exciting when your teen starts to drive. They get to practice a little independence, and you don’t have to keep shuttling them to endless activities. 

Yet this milestone is also one filled with anxiety. According to the Centers for Disease Control, teen drivers are three times more likely to be involved in fatal auto accidents than drivers over the age of 20. Your goal as a parent is to keep your teen safe when they are out on the road, and part of that task is making sure they have the right car insurance

But what coverage does your teen need? And when should you add them to your policy? We’re here to answer your questions and help you choose the right insurance for your teen driver and your peace of mind. 

When Does My Teen Need Car Insurance in Pittsburgh?

Car insurance is mandatory for all licensed drivers operating a vehicle in Pennsylvania, whether they own or rent the vehicle. That means your teen will also need car insurance, but when they need to get it will depend on their license status. 

For Learner’s Permits

Pennsylvania law doesn’t require a teen with a learner’s permit to have car insurance, as long as a licensed, insured adult driver supervises their driving. 

For a Full Driver’s License

Once your teen passes their driving test, you must either add them to your auto insurance policy or get them a policy of their own. 

It’s a good idea to call your insurance company as soon as your teen gets their learner’s permit. They can help you explore your insurance options and estimate the cost so you and your teen can start preparing. Doing this research when your teen gets their learner’s permit gives you time to find the right coverage when they are ready to hit the road alone. 

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Does My Teen Need?

Pennsylvania law requires teens to carry a minimum level of auto insurance before driving on their own. However, other insurance options can offer teens more protection out on the road.

Minimum Insurance Requirements for Teens

Teens must have minimum liability coverage to drive a vehicle in Pennsylvania. This insurance covers injuries and property damage caused to others in an accident where your teen is at fault. However, it won’t cover repairs to your teen’s vehicle or any injuries they sustain. You may need to cover those costs out of your own pocket. 

Recommended Insurance Coverage for Teens

Comprehensive coverage is highly recommended for new drivers. It protects your teen’s car from theft, vandalism, accidents, and weather events. It also helps pay for any injuries they sustain in an accident. A comprehensive policy can be a wise choice for a teen driver because inexperienced drivers are much more likely to be in an accident. 

So, which insurance coverage is right for your teen? Ask yourself these questions: 

  • How much experience does my teen have behind the wheel? If they’ve been practicing with you for a while and you are confident in their abilities, you may feel more comfortable with a liability-only policy. 
  • What kind of car is my teen driving? A new, expensive car needs more coverage than an older, less valuable vehicle. 
  • Would you rather pay a higher deductible for a lower monthly rate? Paying a higher deductible upfront can lower your monthly payment, making comprehensive coverage more affordable. 
  • What discounts does my insurance agent offer? Make sure you ask your agent about any discounts available for teen drivers, as these can make comprehensive insurance policies more affordable for them. 

Minimum coverage can be enticing because it can save you money on your monthly premiums. But if your teen gets into an accident, you could face hefty repair bills later. Comprehensive coverage offers more peace of mind and could save you money in the long run. 

Discuss these options with your insurance agent so they can help you find the right balance for your teen driver.

Eber & Associates Covers Teen Drivers

Ensuring your teen has the right insurance policy is an essential part of keeping them safe. When your teen is ready for Pittsburgh’s roads, Eber & Associates is here to help you ensure they have the coverage they need. 

Call our team to discuss your insurance options and how we may be able to help you save on monthly premiums. We’ll work hard to get your teen the coverage they need for your peace of mind. 
Contact us today for a free quote on car insurance for your teen driver.