Insurance for Vacant Homes

Vacant Home Insurance

If your home will be empty for a while, it’s important to protect your property with insurance for vacant homes. It helps safeguard your home and the money you’ve invested into it.

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When Is a Home Considered Vacant?

Insurance policies can have varying timeframes; however, a home is typically classified as vacant if it remains unoccupied for 30 days or more. The home can be unoccupied for various reasons, such as being listed for sale, a temporary period without tenants, or being vacant due to ongoing remodeling or renovations.

An unoccupied house can become a tempting target for thieves and vandals. If they perceive no one is home for extended periods, this can be an invitation for property damage or loss.

Avoid Risk With Insurance for Vacant Homes

Empty houses pose a higher risk for fires, floods, and thefts due to the absence of regular monitoring by occupants. For instance, if a heating system malfunctions and a pipe bursts, the resulting water damage may go unnoticed for days or weeks. Any delay in resolving the issue can lead to even more costly repairs.

The signs of a vacant home can include an overflowing mailbox, an unkempt lawn, or no lights at night. In these scenarios, the home is susceptible to theft or vandalism — meaning coverage may be needed.

What Coverage Does Insurance for Vacant Homes Provide?

A vacant home insurance policy can protect against risks like fire, flooding, wind, hail, and theft. It can also cover the expenses associated with repairing or, in some cases, replacing your home in the event of excessive damage or destruction.

This type of policy covers liability claims that may hold you accountable for a victim’s bodily injury or harm caused to another person’s property. Acts of criminal behavior, such as vandalism and causing property damage, may also fall under the coverage provided.

If your property is vacant when a loss happens, your regular home insurance policy may be excluded from coverage. Check with Eber & Associates to make sure you’re protected.

Eber & Associates, Protecting Your Vacant Home

Do you have a house that is vacant and needs extra protection until it becomes occupied? Consider getting insurance for a vacant home to safeguard your investment.

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